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Walking with and for Équipollence

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Why a sponsored walk?

We wanted to make our fundraising initiative as inclusive and available to as many people as possible. Whether you’re walking alone, accompanied, are being carried or pushed, absolutely everyone is welcome to join in and walk with us, or at the same time as us and get sponsored. We are working in partnership with ECOLIDAIRE, an ISG School of Toulouse students’ charitable organisation and with the support of the CITY of REVEL.

I want to get involved, what do I do now?

Anyone can walk with us, or at the same time as us and get sponsored.  There are many ways to help and absolutely everyone and anyone can participate. Whether you choose to walk with us or not, you can help by getting sponsored, by sponsoring our existing walkers or you can simply donate towards our project, knowing you will be helping us to create a better, richer life for disabled young adults and adults.

To walk

If am not in Revel but somewhere else. you are not in Revel but would still like to walk for Equipollence, you’ll need to register for this.

Register to walk

Finding sponsors. All you need to do is download the sponsorship form and ask for people to sponsor you. Once people have agreed to sponsor you, you just need to start writing the names of your sponsors together with the amount they have agreed to sponsor you with. By offering to give you a certain amount of money for your walk, a sponsor becomes a financial support of your walk. Sponsors can be anyone you like. Friends, family members, co-workers, your employers or simply anyone that’s willing to participate. Donations can be made according to the number of kilometres you walk or simply an agreed upon lump sum.

Once sponsorship amounts have been agreed, you just need to make sure you collect all the amounts showing on your sponsorship form and donate the total amount on the website. You can also send a cheque directly to Equipollence by making it out to Equipollence and sending it to this address.  No matter how far you’re able to walk (no distance too long or too short), any donation is very welcome!   We hope there’ll be plenty of you joining us, and we wish each of you the very best in finding sponsors.

Download the sponsorship form


If you’ve decided to sponsor a walker, make yourself known to them so they can write your name down on their sponsorship form. Alternatively, you can simply send them a filled in sponsorship form.

Download the sponsorship form

How to donate

If you can’t walk with us on 29th May but still want to make a donation, you can donate directly through the website.


Spread the word about the walk for Equipollence.

If you believe in our project and want to help more, please spread the word about our walk and share as widely as you can.

Download the word about the walk

Walking together on 29th May from 2p.m.

In Revel, our starting point will be the ‘Salles Omnisports, Avenue Julien Nouguier, 31250 Revel.   Revel is the city where our supported habitat for young adults and adults with disabilities will be. Together we’ll walk so Equipollence can lead this project to fruition, making it possible for our co-habitants to live within the city, in a beautiful, supported environment where friends and families will be welcome.

As a reminder, although the pandemic means people can’t travel as far as they would like, this doesn’t restrict who can take part in our sponsored walk from afar – absolutely anyone can walk with us, whether in the South or the North of France, up the mountains or by the beach, from Tokyo to London…

he more people that walk for Equipollence on Saturday 29th May, the more sponsors we’ll have. Wherever you are, you can walk with us or simply help by becoming a sponsor.